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Experienced, detail-oriented, and the driving force behind business growth.


Hiring, Made Simple

Combining rigorous training, boundless resources, and a minimum of three years’ experience, as well as a rich understanding of Quickbooks, we’re bridging the gap between accomplished professionals and small-to-medium accounting firms across the US. It’s a space where quality is paramount, affordability is key, and efficiency is woven through our every move.

It’s more than Cost-cutting

We won’t just shave down your labor costs. Bringing the latest technologies to your toolkit, offering complete flexibility, and putting you in control of your dedicated contractor, enjoy all the benefits of an in-house team, without the cost, risks, and commitments.


Wherever you are, We are

We’re firm in the belief that accounting firms shouldn’t be limited to the talent on their doorstep. Refusing to settle for missed deadlines, inaccuracies, and incompliance, we’re bringing a new age of quality to CPAs and accountants across the US, placing India’s leading accounting professionals at your fingertips. Through monthly training sessions, a relentless eye for detail, and 30 years of experience, we’re no longer committed to excellence – we chase perfection.


High Quality. Low Overheads

We offer the best of both; sought-after talent, at a budget-friendly price. Exchanging costly HR bills, infrastructure costs, and recruitment fees with one all-inclusive monthly charge, we’re responsible for driving profitability. Think efficient services, quality output, and real-time support, allowing you to free up your most valued asset: your time.

Why Choose Us?

With a range of offshore avenues available, from freelance platforms, outsourcing companies, and offshore staffing agencies (like us!) to building your own team abroad, it’s crucial to examine the best fit for your long-term goals. In our view, we offer the best of three; risk-free, time-sensitive, and the provider of a professional solely dedicated to you. Taking full responsibility for the recruitment process, we’ll hand-select 2-4 candidates, encourage you to select the best match, and mold them into your ideal contractor, acting as an extension of your team.